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It’s been so long, so very long since I have had a hard cock inside me. It feels so good. Youth is a wonderful thing." She fucked harder and faster, and I did my best to keep her tit against my lips, which wasn’t too difficult because she was pushing it deep into my mouth. I felt her getting wetter and wetter as she fucked me. I felt her nipple harden more, and she cried out in orgasm, clenching my cock in her wet pussy. That brought me over the edge too, shooting another load of cum into her. I cried out too, but softer because my cries were muffled by her beautiful breasts in my mouth. Her orgasm went on and on and she kept rocking her hips prolonging her climax. I kept feeling her pussy squeezing my cock with the spasms of her orgasm, and I arched my hips up to her with my orgasm, trying to shoot deeper and deeper inside her. I could not begin to grasp how much this woman could juice. I had never before or since tasted so much fluid in a pussy. I spread those purple lips apart and was rewarded with her clit poking out from its hooded hiding place waiting for me. It was almost as big as the end of my little finger and hard as my own cock. I just laid the back of my tongue on the hot little button and she went off again. I slipped my thumb into her drenched tunnel to finger fuck her as I ate her pussy and felt the walls of her cunt contract around that thumb as she came again with a vengeance. I skinned the hood on her clit back as far as it would go just to see how large it was. It stood out like a little cock.


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I slid two fingers easily into her wet pussy as I licked and licked at her clit. I looked up at her and saw her hands busy pulling on her nipples and looking down at me with hungry, sexy eyes. "Yes, baby, keep doing it just like that…a little harder…yeah, right there…" I twirled my fingers in her, and pressed them up against the front where she liked it most. My actions were met with a deep intake of her breath and I felt her stomach tighten. Her pussy was absolutely flooding my hand and I slid one finger to the outer rim of her ass, and pressed it inside, feeling her muscles relax. "Do you want my hands on your cock? Is that what you are thinking?" I just held my breath, willing her hands there. "Yes," I whispered. "Please." "Like this?" She said into my ear, letting her tongue slide behind my ear and into it, leaving cool traces where the moisture remained. Her hands went to my cock and wrapped around it, and just held me there, feeling it spasm and twitch in her grasp. She started to stroke me up and down, pressing her older big breasts to my back, and cupping my balls in one hand, teasing and caressing. I just groaned again, trying not to lose control too easily. She was cumming again and I was cumming for the first time that night.


She milked the cum out of my balls for what seemed like forever. We both came and she laid on top of me, both of us soaked in sweat. She looked at me and started to laugh. I asked what was funny. She said that she was living a fantasy too. Apparently, she had wanted to make love to a younger man for a long time. She was in her sixties and had lots of men her own age, but always wanted one that was younger than herself. I was flattered that she choose me for that.

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